Geek Trivia: The First Wearable Laptop Was Used For What?

Example of the first wearable computer
MIT Museum

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Whereas electronics miniaturization has made all method of units sufficiently small to put on, within the early days of computing, it was fairly a feat to shrink a pc—nonetheless primitive or task-specific—down right into a wearable package deal.

The primary wearable computing system involves us courtesy of Edward O. Thorp and Claude Shannon—higher generally known as the fathers of card-counting idea and knowledge idea, respectively. In 1961, the 2 of them sat down and constructed a cigarette pack-sized analog pc designed to foretell the end result of roulette video games.

The wearer managed the system through micro-switches inside their shoe and the system would report again to the consumer through musical tones broadcast to an in-ear radio receiver. Though efficiently examined, {hardware} issues prevented the system from seeing common use on the tables. Over the following 20 years, technological enhancements would result in quite a lot of enterprising people creating shoe-based computer systems in an effort to out-maneuver casinos.

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