Geek Trivia: The First U.S. Nationwide Park Was?

Scenic view of a waterfall in Yellowstone National Park
Scott Catron/Wikimedia

Reply: Yellowstone

The primary U.S. nationwide park was, fittingly, the scenic Yellowstone Caldera and surrounding land. Though it’s now one of the crucial trafficked nationwide parks in the USA, on the time the land was put aside as a nationwide park, only a few had even laid eyes on it.

The truth is, we are able to thank the tireless efforts of 1 man for the preservation of the area: Ferdinand V. Hayden. Hayden had explored a part of the final area within the late spring of 1860 and was surprised by how numerous and delightful the world was. He returned in 1871 with an unlimited crew that included surveyors, photographers, and painters to doc Yellowstone.

Armed with proof of its grand and numerous panorama, he returned to Washington, D.C. and confirmed the proof to Congress and President Ulysses S. Grant. In 1872, President Grant signed the invoice that secured Yellowstone’s place as a nationwide park.

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