Geek Trivia: Prior To The Introduction Of Erasers, Folks Eliminated Pencil Marks With?

A loaf of wheat bread with a sesame seed crust

Reply: Bread

With regards to pencils and erasers, there’s no rooster and egg quandary to kind out: the pencil, a writing instrument that makes use of graphite to mark paper, first appeared within the 16th century, however rubber erasers didn’t seem till the 18th century. What then, did folks take away their pencil marks with earlier than they have been armed with correct erasers?

Though there have been quite a lot of early precursors to the fashionable eraser (like bits of wax), probably the most broadly used instrument was the best to amass: bread. A bit of crustless bread, rolled up right into a ball, makes a remarkably efficient eraser. By gently rubbing and tapping the paper, you may simply take away graphite marks. Regardless of the evolution of erasers over time, some artists nonetheless use bread to lighten and clean their pencil marks.

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