Geek Trivia: In 1981, It Would Take You Two Hours To Obtain What?

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San Francisco Chronicle

Reply: The Morning Paper

We take immediate internet-delivered information without any consideration today, however a long time in the past, the concept of electronically delivered information was new, very novel, and very sluggish. In 1981, a bunch of newspapers have been taking part in a digital newspaper distribution undertaking deployed by CompuServe, an early on-line providers community. The New York Instances, Washington Publish, Los Angeles Instances, and San Francisco Chronicle have been among the many broadly learn newspapers that participated.

The method of downloading the newspaper over a modem to early computer systems was very sluggish (downloading your entire weekday version of the San Francisco Chronicle, for instance, would take round two hours, others may take as much as six hours). As agonizingly sluggish as that appears to us within the current, the fabric was offered teletype fashion with out photos, comics, or advertisements, being downloaded and arriving at roughly the identical velocity that an individual may learn it.

The undertaking ended after a few 12 months and, short-lived or not, it closely foreshadowed a future the place the information could be largely digital, on-demand, and delivered proper to the reader.

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